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Won by Master Chocolatier, Sun Trigg
Great Taste Awards Gold 1 Star - Cocoa Boutique
Great Taste Awards Gold 2 Star - Cocoa Boutique
Guild of Fine Foods
International Chocolatiers Awards 2012
Great Taste Awards 2013 1 Star
Great Taste Awards 2013 2 Star

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Cocoa Concepts

Innovative masterpieces, freshly hand-picked and hand wrapped for your indulgence.

Almond & Cranberry Tumbler - 6 Concepts

Fruit and nut? The perfect combination - each and every...

Just £3.75

Encrusted Hazelnut Truffle - 6 Concepts

A consistent top scorer from our 'Best of the Best'...

Just £3.75

Milkaronno - 6 Concepts

This boozy truffle was such a hit in our 'Queenie'...

Just £3.75

Salted Dark French Caramel - 6 Concepts

This stunning dark Chocolate filled with salted (Fleur de...

Just £3.75

Signature Selections

Only the highest rated chocolates make it into these sublime collections.

Winter Award Winning Selection - 325g

If you like the element of surprise then this is the...

Just £34.95

Exclusively Milk Signature Selection - 330g

Our Signature Milk Selection offers a whole host of award...

Just £34.95

Exclusively Dark Signature Selection - 340g

Our House Dark Selection offers a whole host of award...

£22.00 Just £19.00

Best Of The Best Selection - 300g

Our Best of the Best Selection offers you an all round...

Just £34.95

Cocoa Petites

Gorgeous panned chocolates from our Master Chocolatiers.

House Deeply Dark Buttons - 150g

We've worked closely with Barry to bring you the perfect...

Just £3.50

Razzle Dazzle Orange Buttons - 100g

A huge favourite with the young and old - Barry's Razzle...

Just £3.95

Marbled Strawberry Buttons - 100g

Smooth, creamy and delicate white Chocolate is lightly...

Just £3.95

Smooth Caramel Infused Buttons - 100g

A huge hit from our 'Ophelia' tasting selection in early...

Just £3.95

Cocoa Tablets

Every bite is different with these freshly created and rather eccentric tablets!

Caramel & Sweet Toffee Fudge - 6 Concepts

Silky smooth 34% milk Chocolate is topped with chunky...

Just £3.75

Professor Very Nutty Tablet - 125g

Rich 60% dark Chocolate meets white in this 'Nutty'...

Just £4.25

Zingy Lemon Meringue Tablet - 125g

After making such a splash in our recent 'Rupert' tasting...

Just £4.25

The Fusion Tablet - 500g

Can't decide on dark, milk or white Chocolate? Problem...

Just £14.95